A Dependable Rival

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A Dependable Rival


Please note that this story contains spoilers
for the "Flames of Reflection" event.

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Woof! It is HOT in here! Feels like walking through a desert that's also on fire. Still, if the legendary magmite ore really IS here, we need to find it.

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: That stuff is loaded to bursting with flame mana, which means we can use it to make some kick-butt weapons!

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Yep! Findin' that ore is how we're gonna win the Golden Anvil a second time.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: I want us to make a weapon even more amazing than the one we made last time. So c'mon, Rena! Find that ore already!

110264 01 r05.pngRena: I have already begun to search.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: The ore is said to be found in places full of flame mana, which means...

110264 01 r05.pngRena: Yes! Let's check right over there!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Uh, Sis? You're pointing at a fire. Like, literally INSIDE a fire.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Hey, no one senses mana like our sis. So if she says there's ore in them thar flames, then I'm buyin' it come payday!

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Still, it's probably not smart for us to be pokin' around an actual fire. Think you can cool it down for us, Renee?

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Hee hee! Oh, you know I can. Here goes nothing!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Well, poo. The flames are so darn hot, I can barely cool them down at all!

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Well, if you can't cool 'em down, then I'll have to adjust the temperature. Begone, O flames!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Okay, that STILL didn't do anything?!

110264 01 r05.pngRena: While I find the prospect of leaping into those flames daunting, we may have no choice...

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: The hell you will!

110264 01 r05.pngRena: But we will never achieve victory without that ore.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: Besides, Coach taught us all about how to handle a bit of heat!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: He taught us how to handle heat, not how to walk around in an actual freakin' FIRE!

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Renee's right. We'll just have to find some other way to win the Golden Anvil.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Ach, lassies! Ye be the sisters from Regis's workshop, aye? Fancy runnin' into you lot here.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Lazry? What are YOU doing here?!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Oh, I'm always comin' here. One'a me favorite haunts, it be.

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: You LIKE being this hot and miserable?

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Aye, the heat suits us rokkans to a T. 'Sides, ain't no better place to be gatherin' the ore me needs.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: But just a moment, now. Did ye three trig lassies ALSO come here for ore?

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Heck yeah! We're gonna use the magmite ore to make an awesome weapon and totally win the next Golden Anv—

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Quiet, ya dope! Stop spillin' secrets to our most bitter rival!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Aw, hamburgers...

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Got your hands on some magmite, did ye? Impressive! That heat's too much for even a rokkan like me to be takin'.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Actually, um...we haven't mined any yet.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Ah, I see. Want a hand, then?

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Wait, WHAT?!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: What's wrong, lass? Ye look like a girl what dropped her hammer on the floor.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Why would you possibly help us? If we use that ore to make somethin' amazing, it's gonna hurt your chances of winning the Golden Anvil!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Aye. But if ye be makin' somethin' so fine, I'll just have to do ye one better.

Together: Woaaaaah.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: That be the true spirit of competition, aye?

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Sure, I guess. It's just impressive to see someone who's so...CONFIDENT.

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Right? I mean, you seem so laid-back, but we all know you can really bring it when it counts.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: It is one of your finest qualities.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Not sure how much of a compliment that be, but I'll thank ye regardless.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: Still, if you are willing to help us after all that, we would very much appreciate it.

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Then less chatter, more...uh...mining! First, we need to cool that fire.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Begone, O flames! Begone, I say! This cool enough for you, Lazry?!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Aye, it'll do just fine.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Just be careful, yeah? If you ever feel like you're in danger, get outta there!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Right then. I'll be back in two shakes of a badger's tuckus.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: Goodness, but the rokkan are strong.

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Mmm, this isn't good. She's been gone for FAR too long.

Together: ......

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: I can't even hear her hammer anymore. Do you think she...you know? *gulp*

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Hang on, Lazry! We're comin' to save you!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Whew! I'm back.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: About damn time! We were just gonna hop in there and start lookin' for you!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Aye, I tried to mine as much as I could, so it took a bit longer than I wanted.

110264 01 r05.pngRena: Heavens, Lazry! This is so much ore!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Aye, I forgot to ask how much ye'd be needin', so I just grabbed a whole pile.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: I can't believe you did all this for us.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Still, you gotta let us make it up to you. Whaddya need? Just name it!

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Nay, I'm not owed nothin'.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: No way, pal! I don't like bein' in debt, so I'm gonna pay you back!

110265 01 r04.pngRenee: Oh, I know! We could all go out on a big shopping trip together!

110264 01 r05.pngRena: What a wonderful idea! We'll buy a shiny new wardrobe for Lazry.

110263 01 r05.pngRamona: Right then! It's settled. Get your shoppin' shoes on and meet us at the market.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Aye, it's a date.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: ...A date, eh? My, but that feels nice.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: Still, good to know I can handle flames too hot for those three lassies.

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: 'Course, I shouldn't be surprised, seein' as I'm rokkan and all...

110355 01 r05.pngLazry: But maybe that be me key to victory!