A Dazzling Valentine's

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A Dazzling Valentine's


110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Time to hit the road and RIDE, baby!

Hot-Blooded Joyrider

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: VROOOOOM! VROOOOOOM!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Huh?! What's the haps over that way?!

Girl: Eeeee! I'm your biggest fan! Please take this homemade chocolate!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Thank you. I will treasure it always.

Conductor With a Tumultuous Past

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Whoa! Look at that turkey go!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Hey, Slick!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: I'm sorry, what did you call me?

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Every awesome guy is Slick to me! Anyway, enough gum-flappin' here— what's up with gettin' all those toadies to bring ya chocolate?

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: I think you misunderstand the situation. Those were Valentine's presents.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Oh, riiight! That's when everyone hands out presents to honor strong cats, yeah? I bet ya knocked all them turkeys out cold without breakin' a sweat!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: You seem terribly misinformed on what Valentine's is.

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Those were not challengers, but fans— and they were bringing me presents to thank me for my performance.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: You don't say? Well, hot potato! That's bad with a capital B!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: So whadda I gotta do to be all strong and get appreciation gifts like you?

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: That is a multi-faceted question for certain. For my part, I merely work every day to better myself as a conductor; the gifts are an unintended consequence.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Aces, my man! I get it now!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: You showed 'em how hardcore you are by conducting, and they responded by tearin' open their wallets and makin' it rain presents!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: So if I just show 'em what an ace I am on my chariot, they'll do the same to me!

110304 01 r04.pngVixel: Er, no. I don't think... Oh dear.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Outta the way, turkeys! One stone-cold biker, comin' through! VROOOOM!

110024 01 r03.pngSophie: EEEK! What was that?!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Make way for the king'a Valentine's! The pope'a presents! The god'a goodies!

110036 01 r03.pngMalora: Well, that was a rather nasty experience.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: I'm on FIRE, baby! Yeeee-haaaaw!


110344 01 r04.pngYuya: If ya wanna give me any gifts, now's the time, turkeys!

And so, Yuya rode around the Halidom like a
dragon on fire in an effort to gain attention.
But in the end...

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Well, this is a square deal for sure... I got no gifts! Not even one!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Didn't any of those turkeys get how bad I was? Didn't they see the chariot? *sniff* Aw man, here come the waterworks...

Unknown.png???: Do not be downhearted!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Who's there?!

110015 01 r03.pngZardin: 'Tis I, the avatar of loveliness! Zardin the magnificent!

The Epitome of Beauty

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Can't believe this cat's lookin' in a mirror while he talks to me. Wild!

110015 01 r03.pngZardin: I witnessed you charging through the halls of the castle showing your beauty to all. And beautiful you were—though not quite at my level, naturally.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: You sayin' I'm super cool? 'Cause I is!

110015 01 r03.pngZardin: I suppose that is also an apt description. Still, if you allow me to aid you, I can take your unrefined beauty to the next level.

110015 01 r03.pngZardin: This Ultra Cleansing Oil is the answer you weren't even aware you were searching for!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: No idea what that is, but I'm up for anything that sounds super wild!

110015 01 r03.pngZardin: It IS super wild, my strange new friend! Just rub it into your face thoroughly, and you will be shining like a newly born star before you know it.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: No joke?

110015 01 r03.pngZardin: I would never jape about an appearance! You may consider this a gift from your ancestors in beauty. Use it well!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Thanks, pal. You're real swell!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Right on! I'm gonna turn bright as the sun and THEN show everyone how hardcore I am. Let's get rollin', baby!

Later that night...

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: Er, so this is the village where fiends have been prowling around at night? I...I guess I'm r-ready?

110045 01 r03.pngErik: This is no time for being scared. We've got a patrol to finish.

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: EEEEEEK! O-over there!

110045 01 r03.pngErik: What IS that strange light...? And why is it coming right for us?!


110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Yo! Nice job with the patrol, Slicks!

110045 01 r03.pngErik: Yuya? Why are you so...shiny?

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: You dig my chariot? Yeah, it's real bright.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: I covered it in some ultra somethin'-or- other goo, and now it's DAZZLIN'!

110017 01 r03.pngRicardt: A-are you talking about Zardin's oil? The one he's always haranguing people to use?

110045 01 r03.pngErik: Yeah, I think that's actually supposed to go on your FACE.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: That goo made my chariot look like a full-blown star or somethin'. Can you DIG it, Slicks?!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Now we're gonna ride like the wind— I mean, like the LIGHT!

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: So let's GO! YEEE HAWWWW!

And so, Yuya raced off into the night, his original
goal long-since forgotten. But the fiends who had
been causing trouble for the village feared his
newfound glow, so his presence kept them away.

As thanks for his good deed, the villagers
presented him with some sweet potatoes.
Thus ends the tale of how Yuya took Valentine's
to task like a stone-cold boss.

110344 01 r04.pngYuya: Being shiny ROCKS, turkeys! YEAAAH!