A Blessed Master

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A Blessed Master


110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Then I bundle your hair together and... There. Finished.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Aw, it looks GREAT! Thanks, Sazanka!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: You are quite welcome. But whatever made you ask me to style your hair?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: You are more than capable of creating this look on your own now.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Yeah, but you're better at it than me. Plus, having you fiddle with my 'do sorta reminds me of old times.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: I mean, it's been a while since you worked your magic on my noggin.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Yes, it has been some time indeed. You were yet quite small, as I remember.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: For me, it brings back memories of how we played together when you used to come to Master Ieyasu's mansion.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: You have no idea how worried I was when you up and left here of your own accord.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I am glad the both of you are all right.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Yeah, sorry for worrying you like that.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: If anyone ought be apologizing, it is I.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Why's that?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Because I knew information you did not—including that those who lead the Wyrmclans have shortened lives.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: ......

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Yet I chose to prioritize Master Ieyasu's feelings over your own.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I cannot say enough how sorry I am; I knew you would be hurt, yet did nothing. Sadly, I did not even do anything to help Master Ieyasu himself.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: What do you mean?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: He has been a model Wyrmclan leader since he took on the responsibility.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Yet I could not help but notice a tinge of loneliness hidden beneath his smile.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Heh. Trying to shoulder every burden by his lonesome HAS always been one of his bad points.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Doubtless that is how he believes a leader should behave.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: But when he chose to bottle up his fears and doubts, I could do nothing to ease his suffering. This makes me a true failure as a retainer.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I could see all of it happening, yet did nothing to help.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Hey, I'll be back in a bit, okay?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Hmm? Where are you going?

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: I'm gonna smack Ieyasu on the head!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: You are going to...what?! Botan, wait!

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Don't try and stop me! He made you super worried, and that is UNFORGIVABLE!

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: And there's nothing better than a dope slap for a dope like that!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Stop this instant, or it is YOU who will be receiving a...um..."dope slap."

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Eeep! Okay, I stopped!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I am, of course, pleased that you are so concerned for me, but this is simply a consequence of my own ineptitude.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: You must not blame Master Ieyasu.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Yeah, okay—but if I don't blame him, then you don't get to blame yourself!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: How do you figure?

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Because I think respecting his decision and just silently watching over him was what he actually WANTED.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Meanwhile, I was just thinking of myself like a big selfish jerk-o.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Perhaps so—but I think that selfishness helped him more than you realize.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: It has been quite some time since I last saw him so truly happy.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I owe that to you, Botan.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Oh, please! I just did what my selfish little heart told me to do.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: ...Buuuut if that DID end up helping him, then maybe coming after him wasn't such a bad choice after all.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I am very happy that you did.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Heh. He really is a LOT of work.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Still, since making work for you is apparently my jam now, can I ask a favor?

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: What is it?

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't bottle everything up again.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: You're the one who's closest to him, so you seem like the right lady for the job.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: Of course, Botan. Happily.

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: I'll not let him be burdened by sadness ever again.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Aw, I knew I could count on you.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Oh! You're making rice porridge for dinner tonight, right?

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Lemme help. I need to do SOMETHING in return for you helping me!

110311 01 r04.pngSazanka: There is no need for you to thank me. Also, you are not the most...adept of chefs.

110312 01 r04.pngBotan: Aw, c'mon! How hard can it be? Just lemme help, okay? Pleeeease?

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: ......

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Eavesdropping on young women is not exactly gentlemanly behavior, Addis.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Yeah, but since you're standin' here, I'm guessin' you listened as well.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I did not intend to—I simply could not help myself.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I was not aware that my behavior was distressing the two of them so.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Sazanka's been keepin' peepers on you for a long time now.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: No surprise she'd notice a change. You're lucky to have her.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I am indeed.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Hey, and not to take a page outta Botan's book, but keepin' everything to yourself ain't exactly the best idea in the world.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: That's what you got us for.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I shall strive to remember that.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: Good.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Now, let us go forth and undertake our next trial together: Botan's cooking.

110310 01 r04.pngAddis: I'm hopin' Sazanka secretly does all the cookin' and throws her stuff out.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: Ha ha ha!

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: I am truly fortunate to have such fine retainers and friends.

110313 01 r05.pngIeyasu: No man is an island—and indeed, I am as mighty as a continent with the three of you at my side.

The End